Our goal is to establish industrial and commercial cooperation in the African market through Polish companies by offering companies, public institutions as well as private customers of the products and services of the most high quality.

Thanks to our professionalism and in-depth knowledge of the economic markets on both continents, we assure you a beneficial development of your business.

Robert Michel Ngiuvu
CEO and founder of POL–AFRICA

More than 10 years of experience in international trade Business relationships extended on two continents that translate into quality and unique character of services provided by POL-AFRICA.

We offer much more than an intermediary,

we develop for each customer or partner a personalised commercial service model in accordance with his needs and expectations.

Collaboration with Poland will allow each company to find its outlet.

Areas of activities


– Agricultural machinery
– Technical equipment
– Design and construction of agricultural infrastructure


– Food industry
– Industrial


– Council complex during trade negotiations
– Organization of meetings withbusiness partners
– Assistance and technical advice
– Professional workforce including training of personnel by experts
– Assistance in the area of customer service.


We offer you materials of construction from the fondations up to the roof of the building

Aluminium and PVC joinery:

Profiles for doors, windows, railings, curtain walls, shutters and sliding. Gate and garage door opener. Frame in aluminium for façade facings. Frame for plasterboard and false ceilings

Flooring floors and wall interiors/exteriors:

Tiles porcelain stoneware, marble, mosaic, siding, cement tiles, massive parquet, parquet floating pads, wall plasters, wall painting, thermal and phonic insulation.

Coating of waterproofing for roof and terrace:

Bituminous waterproofing, synthetic sealing, sealing with integrated photovoltaic cells membranes.


POL-AFRICA introduces and connects different partnerships of public, private and voluntary sector on the African market. We work in accordance economic partners and investors of small, medium and large companies in different business lines.

Poland offers great potential to all entrepreneurs and importers looking for products and services of quality at the best price in all business areas. Thanks to our experience and the commitment of our Polish partners we ensure the sale and the distribution of goods and services on the whole of the African continent and overseas DOM-TOM.

How do we operate?

Before ordering goods and services, we target all your goals and priorities.

We analyze your expectations and the situation of the Polish market at the best angle.

Thanks to our exclusivity in our business relationships, we only offer products and services of Polish reliable and honest partners.

We support and organize your meetings in Poland.

We offer our customers active support during the negotiations of the contract of purchase or provision of services, whatever its scale. We will define and set the optima conditions of trade cooperation.

We can guarantee exclusivity.

According to your request, we organize a logistics professional and Personalized service.

Through our company we ensure protection against dishonest suppliers or contractors. Benevolence and security are our priorities.

We use a rational way of your time and your resources.

We put at your disposal knowledgeable experts for implementation, management, service delivery and training of the personal.

Your satisfaction is at the heart of our concern. We are committed to put in place the means and resources to achieve your goal that will bring maximum benefits to African entrepreneurs.

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